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BUILDING MATERIAL TESTING For any nation, impressive and well-built construction projects are one of the parameters that speak about its development and economic strength. And it all starts with the purest quality of building material. We at CIMEC help construction companies to deliver the safest and strongest construction solutions with our Building Material Testing Services handled by a team of experts comprising engineers and skilled technicians and the latest testing setup.
BUILDING MATERIAL TESTING For companies, contractors, mega-scale infra companies undertaking road construction projects, CIMEC creates the path to hurdle-less execution by offering the most meticulously done road material testing. From testing of emulsions, Bitumen, Aggregates to flexible and rigid pavement design, pavement overlay design, bituminous mix design are the key components for road construction projects. At CIMEC, we make sure that our state-of-the-art testing solutions leave no hurdle in smooth execution.
BUILDING MATERIAL TESTING From the quality of material to the required characteristics and properties of the material, Metal Testing Lab Services at CIMEC offer a host of solutions helping companies to gather real data. The same in turn helps companies to determine product specifications and compliance standards to carry out mechanical projects with absolute confidence.
BUILDING MATERIAL TESTING With CIMEC’s valuable chemical testing and analysis data, obtained after rigorous testing in an advanced chemical testing environment, companies get a clear and real picture as chemicals used in any way come with their own set of the legal nitty-gritty and certification processes.