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Crack Depth Measurement

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UPV method is an effective way for estimating the depth of surface cracks. The methodology involves detecting the travel time of stress waves of ultrasonic energy transmitted through concrete sections. Longer travel times through the same cross-sectional areas indicate discontinuities and potential cracking. Crack depth is estimated by varying the transducer spacing. The difference in travel time with varying distance between transducers is used to calculate crack depth.
CIMEC is equipped with PROCEQ PUNDIT LAB+for crack depth measurements in concrete. Longitudinal stress wave pulses are generated by an electro-acoustical transducer that is held in contact with one surface of the concrete under test. After traversing through the concrete, the pulses are received and converted into electrical energy by a second transducer located at a distance from the transmitting transducer. The transit time is measured electronically. The pulse velocity and crack depthare calculated automatically by instrument.