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High Strain Dynamic Load Test (HSDLT)

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Dynamic Load Testing is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective method of evaluating foundation load bearing capacity. CIMEC can perform Dynamic Load Testing on driven piles, drilled shafts, auger-cast piles, micro piles, and other cast in place foundations. Due to less execution time, several dynamic load tests can be conducted in a single day. In addition to bearing capacity, Dynamic Load Testing provides information on resistance distribution (shaft resistance and end bearing) and evaluates the shape and integrity of the foundation element.
A Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) with pile top force and velocity transducers are used to conduct the pile test. Two strain transducers and two accelerometers are attached to the pile head, on opposite sides of the pile to cancel bending effects during hammer impact. The signals of strain and acceleration are conditioned and processed by the PDA. Signals of pile top force and velocity are measured and analysed during each hammerimpact. At the time of testing, PDA compute static pile capacity from pile top force and velocity data. This is subsequently checked with the more rigorous signal matching technique by a computer program ‘CAPWAP’ (Case Pile Wave Analysis Program) to estimate the static load capacity of pile and distribution of soil resistance along pile length.
CIMEC is equipped withPile Driving Analyzers (PDA-8G) from Pile Dynamics, USA to perform Dynamic Load Test on piles.