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Static Load Test of Piles

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Static load tests are used to measure the way in which a pile behaves under an applied load. The load is applied at a low strain and pile displacement is measured. Due to the slower and more precise process, the static load tests are considered to provide the most accurate results when measuring pile load carrying capacities and settlement/uplift of the pile.
Static load tests can be performed to validate foundation design assumptions regarding the axial compression or axial tension resistance provided by a pile, or its deflected shape under a lateral load. Another benefit of a static load test is that it can be carried out in all soil conditions and on all pile types.
Readings of the applied load determined from the jack pressure gage and load cell, and pile head movement determined by LVDTs, digital dial gages, or mechanical dial gages, are used to determine the safe load capacity of pile under axial loads or under lateral loads.
After processing the collected load test data, the results are analysed for load-movement results and pile movement analysis.
CIMEC is equipped with multiple jack system with total load capacity of 8000MT.